I’m allergic to tons of food. If you’re like me you have to constantly read labels when shopping to find alternative food to what you can’t eat or drink. When you do find that miracle supplier that makes what you like without the ingredient you can’t eat, it’s a great success. Especially if it’s one of the foods you miss eating!

My favorite example is Dr. Pepper. I’ve been a Pepper since I was a kid. Then i had to drop corn from my diet (corn syrup is in almost EVERY soda!), it about killed me. Then, one day at the beach grocery shopping, I saw some “different looking” bottles of Dr. Pepper and read the label. To my joy and happiness they sold a version of Dr. Pepper with REAL sugar and not corn syrup! A small part of life was beautiful again! 🙂

There are lots of things I look for shopping to find the right place and the right thing that I can eat or drink. BUT later, it’s hard to remember with all the stores you go to and all the labels you read, “what store did I get that thing I can eat???”.

Here’s what I do to keep track:

On my phone I have a photo album called “Food”. When I’m shopping and I find something that I want to remember where I got it (because it’s the ONE version that does NOT have that thing I’m allergic to!), I take a picture of it and put it in my Food album. BUT, when I take the picture I take it next to the stores label or sign (there’s always one close by on stickers or prices or whatever).

Like this:

This is another soda that’s hard to find in my town, but does NOT have corn syrup. So I keep this to always know where to get it. It’s a great way to keep track of all the “alternative” foods you CAN eat to dodge the bad ingredients.

Then, when I’m preparing to go shopping, I look at my pictures to determine which stores I’m going to hit to get what items. Saves aggravation and especially helps me keep track of the things I want to eat and drink since it’s SO limited!